About us

Mission and tasks

Our company`s mission is

to shape and strengthen economic, political and interpersonal relations in Central and Eastern Europe. We are constantly striving to reduce negative impact of mental, information and language borders in the CEE on partnership building in this region.

Our team understands well that we won't accelerate the institutional integration in the CEE, because political, customs and mental borders will still exist for a long time. However, we are able to contribute to the integration of entrepreneurial, political and expert communities of these countries

We strongly believe, that by providing qualitative consulting and educational services we pursue our ambitious mission. Our company is ready to act as a reliable and competent partner to help you unlock the potential of the countries of the region, correctly assess the risks and become an active member of Central and Eastern Europe’s community.

We realize our mission through diligent accomplishment of important tasks:

1. Providing consulting services to companies, organisations and public entities related to:

  • economic potential of the CEE countries, specific branches and markets, certain companies and potentially interesting projects,
  • political as well as corruption risks and traps, potentials threats from the local business lobbyists` side,
  • legal, tax and financial aspects of doing business in the counties of the region.

2. Improving skills and competencies due to educational programmes, trainings and seminars concerning:

  • the specificity of business culture in the CEE countries,
  • the features of business and intercultural communication with partners and authorities in the countries of the region,
  • the methods of effective management of multinational teams in corporations.

3. Providing services in the sphere of:

  • developing a brand strategy on the local markets,
  • management of information flows in order to maintain the positive image,
  • prevention and suppression of information attacks from the competitors.

When we help you or your company to expand the business, make profitable investments or build a successful partnership in the countries of the CEE, it means we have made one little, but a very significant step towards the completion of our mission.

Our team

dr Aleks Moldowan

dr Aleks Moldowan — The President

European Consulting Group "Business & Politics"

Specialization: Investment Climate in Central and Eastern Europe

Professional experience:

Over 10 years of professional experience holding managerial and expert positions in think tanks, public authorities, corporations and business associations. Completed traineeships and got practice in the public authorities in the CEE countries (Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Ukraine, Hungary, etc.) that are involved in the formation of investment climate.

The author and expert of more than 60 policy-briefs and policy-papers for politicians and state officials, more than 100 analytical reports and expertise for private corporations.  Author of more than 200 analytical articles and columns in Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian and Slovak languages in the leading business journals, magazines, newspapers, official bulletins.

Education: Economic Security of the State (Ph. D.), Institutional Economy (Second Ph.D.). Business Management and Economics (Master's Degree), Political Science (Master's Degree).

Languages: English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

Contact: e-mail: almoldowan@bizpolgroup.eu mobile: 48 570 045 269 office: 48 22 301 06 86

Jakub Suszycki

Jakub Suszycki — The Head

Institutional Research Department

Specialization: Regulation of Economic Activities in the CEE countries.

Professional experience:

Mr. Suszycki worked in the Department for International Trade at the public investment and trade agency. Has been dealing with analyzing changes in regulatory policy of the countries of the region as well as the assessment of their impact on the operation of business entities.

Has profound knowledge of legal aspects of economic activity in the CEE countries and also of state aid rules (any advantage granted by public authorities through state resources), that are used by these countries in order to create favorable conditions for attracting strategic foreign investments.

Education: Economic Analysis of Law (Master's Degree), European Union Law (postgraduate education).

Languages: Polish, English, French, Hungarian.

Contact: e-mail: office@bizpolgroup.eu tel: 48 22 301 06 86

dr Natalia Ustinova

dr Natalia Ustinova — The Head

Educational Programmes Department

Specialization: Cross-cultural Communication in the CEE countries, Business Etiquette, Multicultural Teams Management.

Professional experience:

Psychologist, business consultant, certified trainer. Mrs. Ustinova has been learning cross-cultural communication and business culture in 5 countries of the region. Seven years of professional experience includes cooperation with corporations, public authorities, non-profit organizations (NGOs).

The author of more than 20 trainings and public lectures dedicated to business culture and cross-cultural communication as well as methods of management in different countries of the CEE.

Education: Social Psychology (Ph. D), Managerial Psychology (Master's Degree), Human Resources Management (postgraduate education).

Languages: Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Contact: e-mail: vice-director@bizpolgroup.eu mobile: 48 796 215 348 office: 48 22 301 06 86

Adrian Verner

Adrian Verner — The Head

Economic Analysis Department

Specialization: Industry of the CEE countries.

Professional experience:

Mr. Verner has been working in investment companies that deal with investing in the CEE countries for more than 5 years. Has been conducting analysis of perspective brunches and industrial facilities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan. He is well versed in energy industry, mining and metallurgical complexes of these countries. Has actively participated in privatization of attractive industrial facilities in the CEE as a foreign investors` consultant.

In recent years he has been consulting on investments in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. Has experience in cooperating with investors from Western Europe as well as with the representatives of Eastern Europe business.

Education: International Economics (Master's Degree).

Languages: English, German, Czech, Russian.

Contact: e-mail: office@bizpolgroup.eu mobile: 48 570 045 269 office: 48 22 301 06 86

dr Aleksandr Sloboda

dr Aleksandr Sloboda — The Head

Department of Political Analysis

Specialization: International Politics.

Professional experience:

Mr. Sloboda has been researching political aspects of international relations of the CEE countries for more than 10 years. Has gained working experience in research and analytical centers together with experience of working as an advisor to senior government leaders on foreign policy issues. He has actively participated in the development of the Visegrad group as an expert.

The main area of interest is the interstate integration projects in the CEE. Being a consistent supporter of the close integration of eastern members of the EU, he became actively engaged in the development of the “Three Seas Initiative” initiated by the President of Poland Andrzej Duda. Mr. Sloboda is also participating in various projects in frames of the Carpathian Euroregion.  

Mr. Sloboda is the author of more than 100 science, analytical, feature articles published in 6 countries of the CEE.

Education: Political Science and Conflict Management (Master's Degree), PhD in Political Science (University of Wroclaw).

Languages: English, German, Slovakian, Czech, Polish.

Contact: office@bizpolgroup.eu mobile: 48 570 045 269 office: 48 22 301 06 86

Kondrad Stachowiak

Kondrad Stachowiak — Senior expert

Specialization: Economics and Investments in the countries of the Visegrad Group.

Professional experience:

Mr. Stachowiak has a great experience in transnational corporations of the real sector of the economy. Has been providing investment support in the countries of the region due to which is versed in the legislation and practice of investment implementation in many countries of the CEE.

Together with the main practical activities he is actively involved in research projects in non-governmental analytical centers. Has participated in the development of policy-briefs concerning way of strengthening of economic integration of the Visegrad Group. Now he is one of the experts that are working on improvement of integration of business space of the Visegrad countries. 

Education: Economic Cybernetics (Master's Degree), Business Strategy and Economic Policy in terms of globalization (postgraduate studies).

Languages: English, Polish, Slovakian, Czech.

Contact: e-mail: office@bizpolgroup.eu mobile: 48 570 045 269 office: 48 22 301 06 86

Departments and functions

Economic Analysis Department

The experts of the department are focused on the research of the markets of the CEE countries. Wherein, they pay special attention not only to the analysis of current state, but also to search of potentially new and perspective niches and segments, that are still unexplored.

Using qualitative and quantitative methods of economic analysis the experts of the department are able to:

  • conduct deep research of the markets you are interested in;
  • characterize their potential, vectors of their development, the level of competition, key players’ strategies, etc.;
  • analyze strong and week points of your business model with the aim of increasing effectiveness of the development strategy on the local markets;
  • create a forecast of the development of selected market and branch of economics of the CEE, taking into account economic, political and institutional factors.

Our experts perfectly master the most popular models of doing business in the markets of the region, this is why basing on the strengths of your business they are eager to find optimal business solutions for your company. 

Department of Political Analysis

The team consist of experienced specialists from the CEE whose main task is analyzing political processes, evets and trends in the countries of the region. One of the main priorities of their work is evaluation and forecasting impact of political factors on:

  • trade policy towards other countries of the region:
  • investment climate in the state;
  • macroeconomic stability;
  • particular markets and branches.

The experts of the department pay special attention to medium-term forecasting of political processes in the states of the region in order to warn against possible essential political changes and their consequences.

Information Strategies Department

To build a recognizable and loved brand and effectively manage information flows related to your company are very important factors of doing business in the CEE. Standard approaches, adopted from the practices of Western Europe and the USA, will not always be effective in this region. In this situation qualified help of the specialists versed in the characteristics of the countries of the region is important. Experts of the department work with information in the broad sense of this word and are focused on the implementation of the following tasks:

  • brand management in the countries of CEE,
  • preparation and implementation of informational strategy,
  • creating and running PR campaigns,
  • combating and suppression of information attacks on your business.

We are absolutely sure that the company shouldn’t be left without management in a chaotic and aggressive information space. It should itself generate information flows, arranging them in the right direction and beneficial for itself.

Institutional Research Department

Institutional environment is a set of rules and norms which creates business climate of country, companies are operated in. The most important ones for business activity are:

  • commercial law (trade law),
  • taxation and state aid,
  • business regulations,
  • protection of property rights,
  • bankruptcy law,
  • financial system, etc.,

Besides these formal institutions explicitly stipulated in law and regulations, there are various types of informal institutions that affect entrepreneurship in important ways (codes of conduct, attitudes, values, norms of behaviour and conventions, corruption schemes).

Specialists of the department possess a wide network of highly specialized partners, that are able to provide quality recommendations in situations, that require specific knowledge and information concerning legislative, tax and financial aspects of doing business.

Educational Programmes Department

The experts from the CEE developed a series of training courses that will help you understand all aspects of doing business in this region. Qualified trainers and coaches organize short-term trainings, seminars and lectures devoted to narrow range of questions as well as month-long courses that concern economic, financial, institutional, psychological and cross-cultural aspects of doing business in the region. As a rule, they include several key blocks, devoted to acquaintance with:

  • business-climate and investment possibilities of whole region as well as selected countries of the CEE;
  • specificity of business culture and the peculiarities of formation of international business contacts;
  • distinctive features of tax system, state aid, regulations, financial sector, etc.;
  • risks connected with the implementation of business-projects and making investments.

The format of direct communication with our specialists allows our clients to get not only the most important information before entering new market, but also get appropriate skills and knowledge, which is essential to be confident in this very specific community.