16 August 2018

Investment Potential of Central and Eastern Europe

Political and ideological discords in the CEE countries has created an unduly negative image over the region and outshined the economic potential of this part of Europe. However, attractive sectors of the economy that are rapidly growing and have prerequisites to boom in the nearest future are located here. Each country is characterized by unique achievements that come as its competitive asset on the European continent.

Poland is considered to be the ideal place to develop small and medium business. Excellent infrastructure, availability of financial resources for business development, limited corruption level and friendly officials create a favorable climate for realization of innovation projects.

Estonia is a pan-European leader in building a digital state. Hundreds of digital services are available in the country, many of which may seem like a science fiction. In 2014 government launched a programme of digital residence, that allows foreigners to conduct economic activity and use services, for example, the banking system of the Republic, as if they lived in Estonia. Furthermore, income tax rate in Estonia is the lowest in EU.

Czech Republic is the most attractive in terms of investment and competitiveness within the CEE countries according the majority of authoritative international researches. Economic performances improve every year. Nowadays the country holds the leading position in terms of foreign trade volume per capita staying ahead of the UK, Japan, France and Italy.

Being a quite small country, Slovakia remains the least prominent country of the CEE. However, a very favorable investment climate has been created here. Simple and clear tax legislation, moderate system of economic activity regulation as well as wide range of available tools of business support make this economy one of the most attractive countries to invest in.

Ukraine is now in a quite complex situation owing to the experienced political difficulties as well as ongoing military actions in the East of the country.  Nevertheless, this country rapidly moves in the right direction. Undertaken complex and unpopular reforms have hindered economic dynamics, however, it established a basis for the development of new economic model. Ukraine owns a huge land resource and a developed industrial complex. It is the only country of the region that produces aircrafts, carrier rockets,heavy-lift ships and other high-technology production.

Indeed, CEE is a self-sufficient region. Here you can find a wide spectrum of new opportunities for developing your business. All the necessary factors for efficient and successful operation, large markets, access to modern technologies, high-qualified specialists, large-scale government programmes to support business are here.

Follow together with us the key events and tendencies in the counties of the region. It will help you be aware of the most crucial and interesting events as well as to know about new and actual tools and opportunities for business development in Central-Eastern Europe.


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