1 September 2018

European Consulting Group "Business & Politics"

Building bridges, removing barriers

Dear colleagues!

Central and Eastern Europe is one of the most perspective and promising regions of the globe, while being one of the most underestimated areas in terms of investment and opportunities. Abundant natural resources, large-scale markets, favourable geographical location, competitive taxation system, well-educated and highly skilled workforce – along with the already well-established international business community create perfect economic premises for the development of business in this part of Europe. 

At the same time Central and Eastern Europe is characterized by the difficult geopolitical situation, variety of political models, complexity of economic relations and specific business culture. The region is divided by physical, political, customs, cultural and language borders. Understanding of these distinctive features of the CEE is crucial for developing business in this region.

Make no mistake about it: to be successful in the CEE and to get the most out of the opportunities of this region you need a trustful partner and a competent consultant. Since you are here, you are on the right lines. It would be our great pleasure to encourage you in discovering great opportunities and huge potential of Central and Eastern Europe as well as to help you in noticing and avoiding risks in time.

Our company adheres to systematic approach paying attention to economic, legal, institutional, socio-psychological and informational aspects of doing business. From the specificity of taxation systems and availability of financial resources to detection of corruption traps and soft spots, which will be for sure used by the local competitors to weaken your position.

Thanks to our huge extensive experience, deep and comprehensive knowledge, wide network of partners and contacts and active research and consulting activity we are able to help:

  • discover new markets and find new niches;
  • comprehend the specificity of business culture of the region in order to build reliable relations with partners, authorities and public;
  • understand the most effective business models of the CEE, to define the key factors of their effectiveness as well as week points;
  • to evaluate financial, economic, political and corruption risks connected with doing business in CEE;
  • build a recognizable and loved brand;
  • manage information flows in countries of the region correctly and effectively.

The development and protection of business, seeking partners, communication with local authorities, brand management and information flows control, all this will be significantly more fruitful and less cost-effective if you possess authentic information on the situation and processes in the countries of the region.

Best regards,

The President

European Consulting Group "Business & Politics"

dr Aleksy Moldowan

Analytics and research


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