13 December 2018

New Opportunities in the New Year!

European Consulting Group “B&P” is expanding the package of services it provides in 2019

Thanks to continuous expansion of our team and deepening of research and analytical activities, we have significantly increased the package of services that will be available already from the beginning of 2019.

First of all, we cover new industries and markets, making reviews on a regular basis. In 2019 our team will be preparing the following monthly and quarterly reviews:

Monthly informational and analytical reports:

  • Central & Eastern Europe Economic Outlook
  • Macro-Financial Trends & Developments in the CEE (financial markets, banking sector, monetary policy)
  • Monthly Report on Central and Eastern Europe’s Energy Sector (oil and gas sector, energy industry)

Quarterly informational and analytical reports:

  • Industry Development Trends and Forecast in the CEE and CIS: Research Report
  • Agricultural Situation and Prospects in the Central and Eastern European Countries
  • Monitoring of Institutional Changes in the CEE and the CIS: Report for Investors
  • The CEE Political Trends Report

Second of all, due to the expansion of educational programmes department and attraction of qualified business-coaches to cooperation, we have expended the list of our educational programmes.

Besides of informative and fruitful seminars, we are also implementing training services of different types. On trainings, unlike seminars, you can not only get new information, but also develop certain skills and improve your qualification. The educational direction includes:

Training courses:

  • Managing Multicultural Work Teams: How to Transform Cultural Differences into Competitive Advantages of the Company?
  • Business Communication and Etiquette in Eastern Europe: How to Find Reliable Partners?
  • Managing a Polish-Ukrainian Work Teams: How to Reach New Heights Together?
  • Cross-Cultural Management and Communication in Eastern Europe


  • Opportunities and Risks of Developing Business in the CEE Countries
  • Study Tour “Discover Economic Opportunities of Central and Eastern Europe” (in 2019 will be held in Cracow, Katowice, Lviv, Bratislava, Brno)
  • Business Communication and Etiquette in Eastern Europe
  • Strategy and Tactics of Managing Multicultural Teams in the CEE Countries

Third of all, we continue to provide individual consulting and analytical services for business at a full scale. Conditions and parameters of providing such services are agreed with clients individually, as a result client gets a unique and exclusive product. In this direction we offer qualitative research papers in the following spheres:

Analytical research for business:

  • Analytical research of the CEE countries` markets
  • Research of tools for business development in the CEE (special legal regimes of economic activity, state support and tax exemptions, monetary tools for business development, etc.)
  • Research of risks for business development in the CEE (economic, political and corruption risks)

Forth of all, our specialists pay great attention not only to analysis of current situation, but also to modeling of perspective, forecasting and analyzing the influence of unfolding tendencies on important aspects of business development in medium- and long-term perspective. We offer you the following projects.

Special projects:

  • AlertReport. Report on expecting dramatic institutional changes of business climate (tax law, business acts, regulatory rules, trade law, trade regulations, etc.)
  • Monitoring of trade policy changes in the CEE (tariff and non-tariff restrictions in foreign trade, structural transformations of export and import, changes in regulation of movement of goods, services and capital)
  • Forecast the impacts of political processes in the CEE on business climate (e. g. elections, political reforms, political conflicts)

You can use the above-mentioned services using the order option on our website or by contacting us directly.

Choosing company European Consulting Group “Business & Politics” as your partner, you make a rational choice. We stick to systematic approach and study issues or situation from different perspectives. Our experts not only work with the latest data and information, but also constantly take part in the key industry events and research projects. This allows them to identify actual public moods, clearly understand the context of situation, see the perspective of development.

Due to this, you will always get a whole picture of issue, you are interested in!

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