10 December 2018

To Know and Understand the Most Important Things!

Analytical research being conducted by the European Consulting Group “B&P” in 2019

Actively working on dozens of important economic and political problems during several years, conducting different research and being in constant contact with the leading experts, entrepreneurs, journalists and political figures of the CEE countries, the team of our experts has gained enough experience and knowledge to form deep and comprehensive vision on certain questions from a wider perspective.

This direction of activity will be realized in frames of several research projects, dedicated, to our mind, to the most important and topical issues in 2019.

Our research projects are the generalization of knowledge that we get day by day by working on individual cases, dealing with various sources of information and expert opinions. This is the vision of the global tendencies, problems and perspectives originating in the CEE today. Apart from that, it`s the understanding of local issues in the context of our current activity.

In 2019 the expert team of European Consulting Group “Business & Politics” is concentrating on the following research projects:

1. Economic Integration in East-Central Europe: How to Create a Common Economic Area in Such Fragmented Region?

2. Integration with the EU without Membership: Finding the Best Model

3. Special Legal Regimes of Business Activity in the CEE

4. Intercultural Business Communication in the CEE Countries

5. The First Results of the DCFTA between the EU and Ukraine: Investors` Evaluations

6. Nearshoring in the CEE: Looking for Perspective Locations

7. The Economy of the CEE: Current Condition, Tendencies and Challenges

8. Quo vadis, Europe? The Summary Analytical Report on the Key Events, Tendencies and Problems of the EU

Due to active participation in research projects, we not only improve our competence, but also contribute to the public discussion on the key economic and political problems of the CEE development, as well as the ways of its solving.

Research project conducted by the experts of the European Consulting Group “B&P” are, as a rule, open and public. Key theses and conclusions are presented by our team at the international events (conferences, seminars, round tables). The results of the research also are published in mass media, web portals, blogs and scientific publications. They will be published on our website as well.

Straying with us and monitoring the results of our research projects, you will be able to understand directions the CEE is following, which issues are the most important in this region, which problems are being faced by the region and how countries react to them.

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