15 August 2018

Effective Communication Skills – Is the Most Valuable Asset on Your Own Balance Sheet!

European Consulting Group "B&P" launches a series of trainings dedicated to multicultural communication in business

Effective communication with partners, staff members, clients, authorities, mass media lies at the heart of successful international project. Being able to make and maintain good relationships with important and interesting people is a complex art, that requires deep knowledge and developed skills.

If in your career you have to cooperate with representatives of different nationalities it significantly complicates the task. You confront with not only other types of personality, but with a different system of values, worldview and mindset. 

Understanding the specificity of interaction with the representative of different culture is a powerful tool in achieving success in building an international business and one of the key factors of successful access to international market. Very often lack of psychological knowledge stands in the way to establishing effective communication with the future business partner.

European Consulting Group "B&P" experts have developed a series of educational seminars and trainings, that will help you to:

  • obtain knowledge and practical skills on establishing trustful and constructive relations with partners, staff members, clients, authorities, mass media;
  • enhance the effectiveness of management of multicultural teams in your organization;
  • learn the specificity of business communication and culture of the CEE countries.

The format of direct communication with the specialists allows not only to learn about the most important things, but also to work out practical skills of effective communication with   representatives of different cultures. Remember: trustful and constructive relationships with people are the most valuable asset on your own balance sheet!

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