20 August 2018

Together We Know More!

Business portal M!nd and European Consulting Group "Business & Politics" have become strategic partners

European Consulting Group "Business & Politics" and one of the most influential business portals in Ukraine M!nd have become strategic partners in conducting analytical research on topical issues of economic and political development in the CEE countries.

M!nd is an independent business information and analytical portal that shapes public opinion in Ukraine and abroad. The portal is concentrated on objective analysis of topical economic and political problems of Ukraine as well as countries of the whole European continent. It unites highly professional journalists and analysts that are specialized in such important directions as:

  • modern branches of industry,
  • fuel and energy industry
  •  and alternative energy,
  • finance and banking sector,
  • IT and digital techology,
  • branches of the future.

M!ind`s experts provide verifiable information, quantitative and qualitative analytics as well as make forecasts of short and medium-term tendencies of economic and political development.

Analytics and research


01.09European Consulting Group "Business & Politics"

30.08Multicultural Teams in Companies

16.08Investment Potential of Central and Eastern Europe

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